Starting Your Own Public Transport System

Starting Your Own Public Transport System

Have you ever stopped to think about how you could reduce your carbon footprint and use more eco-friendly ways of commuting to work? More buses and trains are driven by electric power, and research is ongoing into electrically driven aeroplanes. One area that is currently booming is the field of e-scooters. Many companies have set up hire facilities and charging points so that people can travel without the environmentally damaging gasoline driven vehicles. So why not grab a slice of the action and set up your own e-scooter rental business? As a good starting point, you need to consider an excellent contract management system such as the Precisely online program.

How Precisely Can Help You

You will no doubt start small and aim to expand your business as quickly as possible. At some point, you will need to start hiring staff to help with the company. Precisely offers a legally qualified online contract facility. Tell the program what you need and whether you have any specific requirements, and Precisely will suggest lawfully binding contracts in template form. Telephone and online help and legal advice are readily available as part of the service.

In fact, Precisely offers the complete online contract management package at a fraction of the cost of expensive legal firms. It controls the lifecycle from start to finish with minimum fuss and without the need to employ large numbers of admin staff. After all, saving costs will help your e-scooter business achieve greater profits, allowing you to expand and invest in your venture. The four stages are:

  • Contract inception; automated contracts are produced that can be signed electronically from anywhere in the country.
  • Contract control; all contracts are closely monitored up to the point of the signed agreement.
  • Cloud storage; new contracts are stored on the internet, thereby avoiding further admin and office costs
  • Contact deadlines; any milestones or deadlines are closely monitored to ensure that any expiry or control dates are not missed.

In short, Precisely automates the whole lifecycle of any contract. When setting on new employees or suppliers for your business, you can rest assured that this program will ensure legally binding watertight agreements. There are different levels of service called professional and enterprise, depending upon the volume of business requirements. These are competitively priced with monthly fees applicable. However, you can book an online demo or take advantage of a free 14-day trial, so you can try it before you buy.


There has never been a better time to branch out into the world of e-scooters. The mode of transport is still in its infancy, so why not grab your own piece of the action now? Sustainable vehicles are the future of modern transport and are actively encouraged by governments and states. The market can only get larger and looks to be a safe bet for future business profitability. With the help of Precisely, your company could soon become a national and global player in this industry.