General Etiquette in Public Transport

General Etiquette in Public Transport

At some point, whether you are well off or not, you will have to use the public transport system. There is such a thing as public transport etiquette. Here are some bits of etiquette to follow.

Keep Passages Clear

Trains and buses can be crowded especially during rush hours. It is a common habit for people to squeeze through the jam and cause havoc. It’s unnecessary. Once you board, get out of the way. Stay away from the door or if in a queue give the others adequate personal space.</p>

Engage with Civility

Be as diplomatic as you would be in your office or home. Being kind to passengers, especially the elderly, pregnant women or disabled people who may need help during the trip. Don’t be rude or insult fellow passengers, the driver or conductor.

Keep Your Audio Low

As much as your taste in music may be great, it may not be everyone’s preference. Keep your music on the down low, preferably wear your earphones and keep it to yourself. And if you have to pick up phone calls don’t be loud and dramatic; it irritates other passengers.