New York Public Transportation

New York Public Transportation

New York is ranked among the fastest-paced cities in the world. New York has more than 20 million residents. Being one of the largest cities globally, it also has diverse modes of transport. Whether you are a local or visiting, you have about five ways to go out and about the city.


The most popular form of transport is the yellow taxi or cab. The yellow taxis are quite common and plenty around the city. They are almost as many as people. You simply need to wave one down and get to your next destination. Taxis are also the only vehicles permitted to go across the streets of New York making them even the more available. Taxi fares are quite standard as they are determined once you start your trip via a meter that charges you as per your distance and time took. You can pay for the fare via your credit card or in cash.


One of the largest forms of transport in New York is the bus which covers more than 322 routes. With the New York Metropolitan Transport having close to 6000 buses in the city, you can be assured to get a bus on your route. For busier commuter routes, there are express buses that have minimal stopovers. Designated bus stops are placed almost every two blocks so you can catch the bus within and outside the city. Apart from paying in cash, the bus has a MetroCard. This is a very convenient mode of payment as you can use it for other modes of transport and you simply need to keep recharging it.

The Subway

The New York subway is the best way to beat the traffic at any time of the day or night. You can actually travel anytime as the subway has 36 lines which function 24 hours. With 472 subway stations, New York has the biggest subway system on the globe. The New York subway is also the most ancient in the world. The system accommodates diverse forms of payment including the metro card, credit card, and cash in coins. The train is especially convenient for tourists as you can travel to the furthest destination point with a single ticket. Trains make stopovers at each station so you don’t have to alert the captain.


Recently, the New York City ferry was launched to ease transport across the New York waterways. New York has 23 boats and 21 terminals which are functional across the city. The NYC ferry connects areas such as Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Other waterway services include the Staten Island Ferry, the NY Waterway, and the New York Water Taxi. Tickets for the ferry can be purchased at the station or on board via cash or credit card.