Incredible Facts on How Technology Has Affected Public Transport

Incredible Facts on How Technology Has Affected Public Transport

Public transportation is in the era of a revolution. Innovations are improving the efficiency of public transport systems. New technologies are also helping in the reduction of congestion in different cities. Here are technologies that are changing public transport.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT technology is helping with real-time vehicle tracking. Passengers become frustrated when they do not know when their next public transport bus will be arriving at their bus stop.

Internet of Things gives passengers the opportunity of tracking when their next bus is arriving by the installation of GPS systems on the vehicles. The data collected is communicated to the passenger’s device.

Accessibility of Public Transport For Disabled People

Disabled people have in the past been facing challenges when trying to access public transport. Research from the World Health Organization shows that disabled people lack access to a sound transport system, which interferes with their daily activities. Different countries have come up with different technologies for helping their disabled citizens access public transport.

There are examples of innovators that have also created four-seater vehicles for disabled people. In North America, there is paratransit technology which was introduced as a special public transportation system for disabled people.

Inclusive Open-Source Transport Apps

Inclusive open-source transport apps provide displays that link together different types of transportation systems. They make public transport easily accessible to anyone. These apps also tell people how long their public transportation will take, which has never been there in public transport.

These open-source transport apps also help tell passengers if their next destinations is accessible to people on wheelchairs and even those with grocery carts.


Technology is making public commuting easier. Innovations are coming up every day, and it remains to be seen what technology will offer public transport in the coming days.