Top Four Benefits of Using Public Transport

Top Four Benefits of Using Public Transport

Most people do not like using public transport because in some cities it may be unreliable and have limited access to some areas. Governments spend a lot of money on public transport but may not be able to force people to use it. Most people also have a negative view about public transport. However, what many people do not know is that using public transport not only enables them to use their taxes but it also has other benefits which are discussed below.

1.Benefits the Community Economically

In the US, statistics showed that for every million dollars transit investment made, there was a three million increase in business sales. Also, public transport drives up the price of real estate in areas that have good public transportation, and this has a ripple effect since transit agencies and other organizations might be forced to employ more people.

2. Health Benefits

Most transit points are located in a central location, which forces people to walk. This causes people to walk for more extended periods compared to people who are driving, which keeps them fitter and healthier.

3. Reduction in Road Congestion and Less Pollution

According to the latest studies using public transport leads to a reduction in more than 865 million hours used in travel. This figure might be multiple times higher in some cities. Public transportation also uses less gas. In one study, it was shown that public transport use led to a reduction in more than 450 million gas gallons, which subsequently reduced the amount of emissions from vehicles. Therefore, public transport helps counter the effects of global warming and create a sustainable planet.

4. Safer and Equitable Transport Mode

Accidents caused by buses are twenty times less fatal compared to those of other automobiles. Car accidents lead to the death of around 40,000 people annually, and this makes them a major cause of death in people between the ages of 1 and 44 years. However, public transport significantly decreases this threat. Also, areas with an excellent public transport system have more public movement. They have been shown to have better security and reduced crime rates.