The Ferry

The Ferry

Waterways are not a favorite way to travel for many, especially those with an aquaphobia. Apart from cruises which are mainly for leisure, the ferry is not a preferred mode of transport across the globe. Locals who live on islands, however, don’t have much of a choice as this is the main mode of transport connecting them to the mainland or other islands.

Ferries are good for those looking to enjoy the beautiful landscapes or catch up on a romantic escapade. The ferries take long, giving adequate time for such experiences. However, this may be inconveniencing if you have an emergency or travel for business. Ferries don’t make stopovers so it is an all express trip. You may need to plug in your music or just relax and enjoy the ride.

Compared to some forms of transport such as airplanes, the ferry is relatively cheap. For shipping and transportation of other heavy items, the ferry is also very affordable and efficient. Ferries can be quite risky in rainy or stormy weather as they could capsize or sink. Although at sea you have unlimited fresh air, if you have motion sickness, traveling during the day can be a nightmare if you get seasick.


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